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Appleton Tower Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh

Reconfiguration of levels 3 to 9 of a 1960’s tower block to provide a combination of new teaching space, office space, study and break‐out areas, and robotics labs for the School of Informatics, Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.

Ascending the tower, level by level, the outlook over the city and to the landscape beyond shifts. The colour palette at each level was developed in relation to these changing views: lower levels connect to the streetscape and adopt a palette of warm greys and stone; at mid-levels views extend to the hills and on these levels mossy greens are introduced; at the top level dusty pinks and soft white reflect the tones of the clouds at sunset.

The new floor at level 9 is enclosed in glass with spectacular views over the city. The ambition at this level was to maintain a sense of openness, allowing panoramic views from all spaces. The placement of free standing glazed screens and an independent service core organise the space to provide breakout space and more private areas for individual study within the overall open plan arrangement.

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