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The Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

The Fruitmarket Gallery

The new warehouse spaces are designed to stimulate and enter into a critical and dynamic dialogue with the original galleries.

The original galleries are seen as a series of white spaces, abstract and precise. Surfaces are smooth and continuous while detail and material expression are suppressed, the gallery as a neutral backdrop to art. The space is luminous and fragile.

The warehouse is a found space, a space that relishes the directness and crudeness of the existing steel frame, the strength and texture of the brick walls and the industrial timber floor. The palette is dark and sensual, the mood intense, almost visceral.

As an ensemble, they offer the curator, artist and their audience, remarkable contrasting and complimentary spaces for art and performance.


Scottish Design Awards Public Building of the Year 2022 Shortlisted
Scottish Design Awards Regeneration Project of the Year 2022 Shortlisted
Scottish Design Awards Retrofit Project of the Year 2022 Shortlisted

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