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Pier Arts Centre Stromness Orkney

Pier Arts Centre

Refurbishment and extension of existing arts venue.


An Unfolding Gift: The Pier Arts Centre
The Pier Arts Centre _ Stromness Orkney


RIAS Top 10 Scottish buildings from the past 100 yrs 2016 Shortlisted
Europa Nostra Award 2009
Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 Longlisted
RIBA National Award 2008
RIBA Award 2008
RIAS Andrew Doolan Award for Architecture Best Building in Scotland 2007
Inverness Architectural Association Awards Best Public Building in the Highlands and Islands 2008
Scottish Design Awards Architecture Grand Prix 2008
Scottish Design Awards Best Public Building 2008
Scottish Design Awards Northern Exposure Award 2008
Civic Trust Award 2008
RIBA Stirling Prize 2008 Longlisted
ArtFund Prize formerly the Gulbenkein 2008 Shortlisted


"It may be small, but it fits so beautifully in its setting. I went to see it in August last year and it's in a tiny little fishing town. The architects Reiach and Hall have managed to take a modern art gallery and fit into a small sliver of space. They've made it echo the roof shapes of the fishing buildings on either side. It's subtle and, because it's not in a major city, it's not by any of the big names; it's just beautiful."

Joan Bakewell : Independent Newspaper May 13th 2008

"We are delighted with our new building and with the seamless way in which it has extended and reinvigorated our previous existing buildings. It was a pleasure to work so closely with architects that clearly shared our ambitions and so skillfully guided us through the complexities of the process to a building that has exceeded our best hopes."

Neil Firth : Director and Client The Pier Arts Centre

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